Agreement for the SHARPE tool

For University:
You need to download the agreement for your operating system:
Agreement template for Windows95, Windows98, WindowsNT, Windows2000 [doc], [pdf],
Agreement template for Linux [doc], [pdf],
Agreement template for Solaris [doc], [pdf],
Agreement template for many operating systems [doc], [pdf],
First type this agreement on your official departmental letter head, sign it and have your Professor or head of laboratory also sign it, then mail this agreement by Postal mail to the following address (please be sure to include your email address in the agreement). Handwritten agreements, typed on ordinary paper or signed just by a student will not be accepted:

Dr. Kishor Trivedi
1713 Tisdale Street
Durham, NC 27705

Agreement example: click to see

Chinese users please note:

For Company use:
Please contact Dr. Kishor Trivedi at (919) 660-5269